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kim jeong moon aloe cure plus cream

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  • Weight80 g
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  • South Korea South Korea
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Moisturizing and Protection effect of Aloe

“CURE CREAM” is a skin protection cream that contains fresh Aloe arborescence
with excellent sterilizing power that helps dry, rough and damaged skin to
become soft with a healthy shine.




Due to the ingredient of “Compound SNC 3.5”, it has a stronger antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effect.

• As the ingredient of ‘Compound SNC 3.5’ and the sterilizing effect of aloetin have a synergy effect, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect was strengthened.
• The ingredient of ‘Compound SNC 3.5’ prevents skin oxidation and loss of collagen, thereby preventing the skin aging.
• By forming a strong moisturizing film on the dry or damaged skin, it protects your skin.
• It is a product to prepare for the change of seasons, and also a household product.
• As a soft sold type, it does not spill or trickle and is easy to use.
• As the nation’s first aloe special product with 20 years of history, you can recognize the effect of aloe as it is.
• As aloetin has a strong sterilizing effect, it is effective for treating light infection.



The major ingredients and effects 


As an extract of totara trees, which are ever-green conifers growing naturally in the uncontaminated areas of New Zealand, it is a terpenic compound and ingredient of phytoncide. It has remarkable antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects, and especially, very effective to prevent oxidation of natural oil.

As a “silver solution” developed with the new state-of-the-art formula of nano technology, it refers to a solution in which more than 99.9% pure silver ions (Ag+), clustered in several nanoparticles, are dispersed in purified water (the state of colloid). Silver ions eradicate 650 kinds of bacteria and dissolve pernicious ingredients. It is also effective to remove bad smells.





˚ The skin that often touches water or detergent (housewife’s eczema).
˚ Diaper rash caused by the infants’ light contact dermatitis.
˚ Extremely dry skin or rough and chapped skin in the elbow or rear foot caused by the dead skill cell.
˚ Light burns, abrasions, or insect bites.
˚ Eczema or other light infections that need treatment

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kim jeong moon aloe cure plus cream

kim jeong moon aloe cure plus cream

kim jeong moon aloe cure plus cream

kim jeong moon aloe cure plus cream

kim jeong moon aloe cure plus cream